Monday, December 15, 2014

What Waterpark Attractions Are Coming in 2015?!

As 2015 draws closer and closer, I thought it would be a good time to point out some of the most notable new attractions coming to the water park industry in 2015; namely those within the United States! These include...

1.) Slide Boarding Tech at Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas


You might remember a blog post made back in September about the new Slideboarding technology being released by WhiteWater West, and you may remember the time WhiteWater announced that the first installation would be going to the Wet 'n' Wild water park just outside of Las Vegas Nevada.

To reiterate what was mentioned, Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas will be gaining a new slide that will utilize a first of its kind gaming technology for riders to experience as they slide. Riders will board a raft that is decked-out with game controller buttons similar to what you would see on a game console controller (Play Station, Xbox, etc.), then as they maneuver down the flume, they interact with lights throughout the slide and press the correct buttons along the way to score points before coming to a splash into the pool.

To hear a better explanation from WhiteWater about the slide, you can jump to this video produced by Theme Park Review who visited the WhiteWater booth at the IAAPA trade show in Orlando, Florida.

To read more about the technology, click here to visit WhiteWater's page on Slide Boarding.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A New Vertical Looping Water Slide?!

I'm certain many of you know that IAAPA's annual Exposition started this past Tuesday and, like always, companies and businesses left and right are popping out new, innovative, and creative creations as well as announcing new installations coming to parks inside and outside of the United States.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is an annual trade exposition comprising of most big-name companies and businesses from around the world to showcase their products for amusement parks, entertainment centers, arcades, and more to see and make possible purchases to install at their facilities. Many big behind-door deals and innovations are typically announced for the first time at this exposition every year, with this year being no exception for many companies.

One particular innovation I'd like to highlight comes from, no surprise here, the water park industry. This one comes from Avalanche Waterslides and Skyturtle Technologies, based out of Missouri and Iowa, who just announced something that seems will put water slides on a whole new level of thrills, with The Skycalibre slide!

The Skycalibre slide completely breaks boundaries on what typical water slides can do. It all starts with a capsule that a single rider is locked into. Next, the capsule is pushed into the enlosed flume and starts with a vertical plunge; and by vertical I mean a true 90 degree drop! After 45 feet of pure freefall, the slide pulls up and keeps going until it has completely encircled to create a real 30 foot tall vertical loop!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kentucky Kingdom - Part 2 of 2

We covered the dry side of Kentucky Kingdom in the last part of the review. In this part, I'd like to focus on Kentucky Kingdom's water park, Hurricane Bay. If you would like to hear about the overall view of Kentucky Kingdom in the first part, please click here.

Hurricane Bay is a water park that is connected to Kentucky Kingdom amusement park and is free with paid admission. It consists of multiple slide complexes and various standalone water slides ranging from easy beginner slides to many thrilling slides. Hurricane Bay was added to the park in 1992, opening with the original Big Surf Wave pool and later on added the water slide complex Mt Slide Hai.

The water park's original lineup, after its renaming to Splashwater Kingdom and before it's 4 year dormancy, included a basic slide complex with three inner-tube slides and a body slide, a ProSlide Tornado, a ProSlide Hydromagnetic water coaster, a water playground, a kids splash area, and a wave pool. When Kentucky Kingdom reopened for the 2014 season, the water park was put back to the original Hurricane Bay name and doubled in size with many brand new water slides added to the still-standing lineup.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Double Looping Water Slides!

The company that pioneered the first aqualoop water slide, Aquarena, have taken the concept further by doing double-looping water slides! As far as I have learned, there are at least three double-looping slides in the world; each one in Europe.

The first is the most popular for being the first double-looping slide ever built. The L2 at Wörgler Wasserwelt in Wörgl, Austria.

The second is called Pegasus II and is located at Kristall Palm Beach in Stein, Germany.
The last one, the Hurricane Loop, is located at Miramar in Weinheim, Germany.
They all look pretty intense! Would you dare drop in on any one of these slides?!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kentucky Kingdom - Part 1 of 2

I made a promise to post a review of Kentucky Kingdom's Hurricane Bay water park a long time ago, so I apologize for it being so belated... in fact, I'm positive that Kentucky Kingdom's season will have finally ended while I'm still typing up and proofing this review. Oh well, better late than never... I guess?

We'll get to a review of the water park in the second part (a separate post). I'd like to talk about the whole park (and the dry-side of the park) in general here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas to Acquire First Slideboarding Technology Slide

Very recently, WhiteWater West announced that their newest sliding technology, Slideboarding, will be installed at Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas water park near Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you've never heard of Slideboarding, here's an excerpt from WhiteWater on the technology:

Slideboarding is a waterslide that integrates gaming, skill, edge, and competitive sports into an experience that will define waterparks of the future. Slideboarding builds on the thrills of waterpark fun and adds in gaming in the same way we love to play today. It’s a waterslide that uses a state-of-the art ride vehicle with an S3 embedded game controller that when combined creates what we call a Slideboard. It uses a smart gaming system that knows who you are and tracks your progress/scores over your run down the waterslide as well as multiple runs thereafter.

Basically, it's to combine video games with a water slide. It practically adds a whole new form of experience for a slide, bringing them from being less passive as attractions. Following the announcement, WhiteWater also released a video of people sampling it on another slide that was possibly retrofitted to include the new technology.