Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tallest Water Slides

I recently did some internet research to try to discover the truth in what is (or was) the tallest water slides on this planet. I think I have come to a conclusion on to what may be what, and this could clear the air for anyone confused.

Tallest freestanding water slide in the United States of America:

People around the world have heard of the infamous ProSlide plummet themed to a ski jump planted in the middle of Florida. Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach water park within Disney World in Orlando, Florida currently has the record for the tallest and fastest water slide in the United States.
  • Drop Height: 120ft. -- 37 meters
  • Speed: roughly 55 mph -- 89 km/h

Tallest freestanding water slide in the world:

This slide just might live up to it's name. Insano at Beach Park waterpark in Brazil currently holds the record for the tallest freestanding water slide in the world.

  • Drop Height: 41 meters -- 135ft.
  • Speed: roughly 105 km/h -- 65 mph

This next one is where things get confusing...

World's highest drop on a water slide:

Kilimanjaro freefall slide has the highest drop height on a water slide... but, the structure holding up the platform for where the slide starts is on top of a hill, which means that the structure itself is not 50 meters tall; only the drop is. What I mean by freestanding is that the entire structure would not be getting any assistance from any other naturally raised ground surface under it.

The station is boosted via a hill, which allows the water slide to be safely extended further upwards. The slide itself digs into the side of a hill to extend the flume down far enough to claim the highest drop height.
  • Drop Height: 50 meters -- 164ft.
  • Speed: roughly 91 km/h -- 57 mph


  1. Thank you for the pictures. These water slides look really intense. My family and I love to going to water parks. They offer so many different attractions and fun for the whole family. This summer we are going to different water parks in Charlotte NC. I am very excited and cant wait for summer.

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