Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plans for Summer?

I thought I'd go ahead and make this post to break the chain of just news blocks that have been posted here.

So, summer is here in the United States, and water parks have either started to let the waters flow, or have already began to open their gates (Some, of course, have already been running for a while). I'm going to place a simple poll in the sidebar to get back into the hang of posting polls again. The question for this time will be, "Do you plan to visit a waterpark this summer?" Simple question, hopefully a lot of people can answer this with no problem!

I certainly plan to visit at least one. I have already bought my tickets to attend the Holiwood Nights coaster enthusiast event at Holiday World this June. While there, I plan to get in as many rides on Mammoth as I can and photograph the slide as well. I also plan to finally video record off-ride shots of as many of the slides as I can.

I will definitely write a report on the Mammoth and the water park when I get back from the event. If you'd like, I can write a report on the entire event and not just the water park. Just say the word, and I can fulfill!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote in the poll!

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