Sunday, September 29, 2013

Question: Who Made These Slides?

This'll be a fairly short blog post, but I'm attempting to look up the manufacturer for certain water slides I've seen built at many water parks around the world.

I have seen in-person, and in photographs and video, this wide-body design in many water slides around the world. Water slides like Edmonton Mall's Nessie's Revenge, Six Flags White Water's Dragon's Tail (pictured below) and Three Slide Body Flume, The Beach water park's The Cliff (pictured above) and Bonzai Blast, and even Beach Park Brazil's Insano all have the same flume design on them; all of which have been operating for the past decade or so. These slides have offered water parks many years of thrills, but I have yet to find information on what or which company manufactured them.

If anyone has any possible leads, feel free to email me as I am very curious upon who made them:

-Marcus Dorsey
(Any photographs or images used belong to their respective owners, and were borrowed from the source(s) linked.)

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