Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kings Dominion's 2015 WaterWorks Expansion

Cedar Fair made an announcement a while back about upcoming attractions for a few of their parks. Among those was the expansion of WaterWorks, the 20-acre water park that is part of Kings Dominion and free with paid admission to the amusement-side.

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In the expansion, the park will introduce new cabanas available for rent, a new slash zone for families, and most notably a new 65 foot tall water slide complex housing 6 water slides, built by WhiteWater West. Three of those slides are on the upper level Paradise Plunge, and are trap-door tunnel speed slides that wind and bend around each other after an initial drop capsule launch that start riders at high speeds. The next three slides utilize inner-tubes, and range from two called Thunder Falls having multiple large drops, to a third named Aqua Blast having Constrictor™ elements along the 449 foot long slide.

Splash Island will double the options available at WaterWorks for the younger ones, adding new slides and water geysers for children to play with.

The expansion is planned to be finished and ready for visitors by spring of 2015. To read more about this project, you can visit this link to the official WaterWorks 2015 expansion press release.

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