Monday, February 18, 2013

Dusting off Cobwebs!

It appears that this blog has been sitting dormant for quite a long time now. Actually, from what I could see, it's been six months since the last time I've updated this blog!

That's a pretty long time if you ask me!

So I thought I'd make this post to say that Water Slide Database is still around, and is still planned to be updated eventually. I just need to be able to find time outside of school so I can work on it more!

The first update that I'd like to mention is the complete revitalization of the website Since has performed an update to their sitebuilder, websites under it are now encouraged to update their sites with it. I'll admit, I hesitated on doing so because I knew if I were to update it, I would have to make many changes to the website for it to look professional and well organized again. This unfortunately caused problems for me since I was not able to create more pages for the site, and there was one that was needed for Splash Adventure (which is still unfinished as of this date).

Eventually, I ended up upgrading the website and choosing an entirely new theme for it. The home page is more professional, but the other pages on the site need to be tuned since many things became misplaced and unorganized in the process.

The new website will be very slowly undergoing this alteration, and I hope to be able to fix things by the time I make a visit to another water park in the close future.

This brings me to my second update, which is that I already have three water parks that I am making plans to visit within this season; one of which may be a revisit. When I may be able to visit each is not set in place, but some may be in early June, and others late July/early August.

We'll see how this plays out when they come around. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful new year full of excitement and happiness; and maybe a water park or two! ;-)


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