Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Where did we go?

Boy, it's been a while since the last post was published here, hasn't it? Well, I might as well come clean with why things have been taking so long to get done.


Drum roll, please...


I've been procrastinating.

Of course, I could back this up with saying that regular life activities such as work and college courses have gotten in the way, and each would be valid reasons. But there are certain things that I had been chipping away at far too slowly for me to consider it "excusable."

So for those who had been waiting on new content from here, I apologize.

I still have a review of Wet 'n' Wild Orlando sitting in my drafts waiting for me to add more to.

I also have a new build of the main website,, to continue adding to as well, and will still look toward a possible Fall publishing. This version will include its own blog, so I would no longer need to rely on a separate website (Blogger) to make new posts!

Things are still moving here at Water Slide Database, and water parks are still being visited. Reviews and videos are the ones currently taking the most time getting shown. Nonetheless, I will continue to chip away at each of these so I can bring content to you, the viewer(s), soon-ish!

Until then, keep checking Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more updates! 

Have a safe and happy summer, everyone!
-Marcus Dorsey

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