Sunday, June 19, 2016

World's longest water coaster Mammoth gets new rafts!

Holiday World amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana is home to a world class water park, Splashin' Safari, not just because of its enormous size (seriously, LOTS of slides!), but in the quality and variety of water slides offered.  Two of which just so happen to be ProSlide brand HydroMAGNETIC water coasters!

Wildebeest and Mammoth are two water coasters that sit side-by-side to each other in one corner of the water park by Bahari wave pool.

Wildebeest was the first of the two to open back in 2010, and earned the title of the world's longest water coaster ever built by ProSlide when it opened to the public. It had been thrilling water park and roller coaster lovers alike using its four person in-line rafts to maneuver with impressive speed up and down hills, producing many moments of airtime along the way!

But Wildebeest wasn't enough for Holiday World! Along came Mammoth water coaster in 2012, stealing the title of the longest water coaster ever built by ProSlide, and completely dominating Wildebeest by being generally larger in size as well! Mammoth offers similar experiences as to Wildebeest, but with the added experience of slowly rotating along the way thanks to the 6 person circular raft!

In previous years, Mammoth ran 6 person cloverleaf-like rafts. But Holiday World announced this year that it would be running new circular rafts. The new rafts offer more bottom space and leg room, as well as put riders in a more reclined position so they sit deeper into the rafts.

The new rafts feel much more comfortable compared to the older ones, and have done nothing to take away from the experience of this spectacular water slide! Attendees to this year's Holiwood Nights roller coaster enthusiast event at the park (including myself) had the chance to have exclusive time to ride this water coaster, and it seemed most event attendees who rode it seemed to be quite satisfied with the new rafts!

Another new piece of information regarding the ride, this year is the first time the slide was officially certified by Guinness book of world records for being the world's longest water coaster! The park received a certificate by Guinness and earned a spot in the 2017 book coming out this August!

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